The Pacific Northwest’s Premiere Natural Gas Manager

Snyder Gas Consulting provides a wide variety of natural gas solutions for clients throughout the Pacific Northwest. We work with utilities, public institutions, local operators, and service providers to safely implement or upgrade new technology in their natural gas infrastructure.

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Recent federal regulations have created a new environment in which natural gas distributors and master meter operators (MMO) need to create Distribution Integrity Management Programs (DIMP). These programs help distributors and MMOs maintain infrastructure integrity over its lifetime, but it can be difficult to understand, much less implement, these programs. Snyder Gas not only helps develop these programs, but also implements them and assists with the maintenance required as part of the DIMP.

Snyder Gas Assists With...

  • Ensuring your company has the right tools and technology to efficiently manage and safely distribute natural gas through your existing pipelines.
  • Maintaining or upgrading your energy infrastructure according to federal and state codes while still being competitive.
  • Managing the budget and timeline constraints of expanding or building new pipeline systems in order to effectively create comprehensive solutions.
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