Some of Our Clients

At Snyder Gas Consulting, our commitment to our clients and their satisfaction are at the forefront of our business. Our primary business comes from a few core services: consulting, maintaining, and/or supervising reconstruction of energy infrastructures. Over 40 years, Snyder Gas Consulting founder Jim Snyder has replaced, retired, installed or inspected over 2.5M feet of pipeline. We are grateful for many of the clients who have trusted us with their energy infrastructure needs, and wanted to share a few of our experiences with you.

University of Washington

In the 1980s, Jim Snyder’s career began at Washington Natural Gas, which originally built the energy infrastructure for the University of Washington (“UDub”). He has been UDub’s exclusive gas consultant since 2011, maintaining their infrastructure and currently overseeing a project that will eventually see the replacing of 14,000 feet of underground gas infrastructure over the next few years.

Seattle Pacific University

Since the 1950s, Seattle Pacific University has operated natural gas. The pipeline hasn’t been changed since it was first installed underground – a testament to the install – but as a result, it can be easy to take the pipeline for granted if there aren’t immediate surface problems. The system’s spider-web build additionally means that, even though PSE supervises just one meter, there is a massive amount of infrastructure to be maintained.

Snyder Gas Consulting’s job is to make sure that the system’s needs aren’t taken for granted. SGC runs regular leaks surveys, testing for any abnormal operating conditions, submitting any state-mandated reports and surveys on pipeline issues, and then addressing whatever issues may arise.

Cascade Natural Gas

SGC’s largest current client, Cascade Natural Gas contracted SGC as a third party inspector for the installation of a new pipeline. Our supervisory role extends not only to the physical installation, but also the administrative responsibilities as well, supervising paperwork and making sure that the books are all in order. Jim and his team has been all over western Washington and northern Oregon, handling inspection work for either Cascade or Cascade’s parent company, MDU. His knowledge of WA’s topography and history, as well as his pride and commitment to working locally, means that clients are hiring not only SGC’s knowledge of issues related to pipeline supervision, construction and maintenance, but also our understanding of the unique needs of WA clients.

When clients hire Snyder Gas Consulting, they are choosing not only to bring on experts in the field of energy distribution and delivery, but also third party inspectors dedicated to integrity and professionalism. The value of hiring a third-party inspector is clear – a degree of ethical impartiality that allows for the insurance of the highest possible compliance with all state and local standards and regulations. Clients are also hiring someone local, a third-party inspector who understands Washington’s unique topography, history, and energy needs.

We look forward to working with you!