Service Locations

Snyder Gas consulting is pleased to provide service to clients throughout Washington, including King County, Snohomish County, Skagit County, Whatcom County, and Spokane County.

We provide an array of services to our various clients throughout these counties depending on their needs, with a particular emphasis on colleges, universities and other educational institutions. We are proud to be currently under contract to Seattle Pacific University (SPU) and University of Washington (UDub). The services we provide include new construction, maintenance, and consulting.

As Washington residents know, our state has long been a proponent of natural gas, and of building infrastructures that can deliver and provide for the energy needs of our citizens. The topography and history of Washington means that different counties and areas have different needs based on your county’s energy requirements and history of delivery systems.

King County

As the most populous county in Washington, King County obviously garners the vast majority of energy usage in the state. Given that two-thirds of King County's population lives in Seattle's suburbs, and the county plays host to a number of high-profile educational institutions, the county’s energy needs are obviously substantial. As a result, a number of our clients grapple with the need to constantly evaluate their infrastructures to ensure the highest efficiency possible as well as ensuring the highest commitment to environmental responsibility. We are happy to consult with our King County clients to ensure that the needs of their users are met, and met well.

Snohomish County

Although included in the Seattle metropolitan area, Snohomish County borders Puget Sound and other bodies of water; its western region has the vast majority of its population (the third most populous in the state). As you head east you move into the mountains Washington is famous for – most notably the Cascades and the Mount-Baker Snoqualmie National Forest. Given its population size, Snohomish’s energy needs are also substantial, which can tax delivery infrastructures and require companies and organizations to constantly ensure their energy delivery systems’ efficiency.

Skagit County

Located in northern Washington, Skagit County is known for its fourteen islands as well as its mountain range, and the Skagit River. The county’s topography offers unique challenges and needs for energy distribution and delivery, making the need for qualified consultants to evaluate those delivery systems a crucial element to any ongoing service and maintenance.

Whatcom County

Bordering Canada and hosting several institutions of higher education (including Western Washington University, the third-largest public university in Washington), Whatcom County’s energy needs are also unique and specific. The tourism industry drives a significant amount of the local economy, with regular border crossings for the area malls and recreational activities. Given this, energy infrastructures need to be constantly evaluated for their compliance with federal and local standards.

Spokane County

The fourth-most populous county in Washington, Spokane is a developing service area for Snyder Gas Consulting. Bordering Idaho, its topography is more rural and less urban, which provides its own set of challenges for companies and organizations seeking to upgrade and refine their energy delivery systems.

Wherever you’re located throughout Washington, Snyder Gas Consulting is here to work with you to ensure your energy systems are up to date, compliant with all regulations, and operating at peak efficiency. We’re proud of our history of service to the Washington community, and are committed to continuing to offer service that is second to none when it comes to our clients’ energy needs.