At Snyder Gas Consulting we take a multi-pronged approach to our clients.  Not every client requires the same type of service when it comes to their energy needs; fortunately, our depth of experience and expertise across the natural gas field means that we offer a number of services to best assist our clients with their natural gas and energy requirements.

Among the services we offer:

Natural Gas Utility Consulting

With over 30 years in the natural gas industry, Snyder Gas is able to provide our clients with detailed programs and solutions to help them comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

Natural Gas Field Engineering 

Snyder Gas’ field engineering services provide the latest technology and resources to expand, maintain, and implement new natural gas services into our clients’ natural gas infrastructure. 

Project & Construction Management

Snyder Gas offers unique and cost-efficient services to our clients to help them achieve their project and construction goals when it comes to installing, modifying or expanding their natural gas resources.

Quality Control

At Snyder Gas, our experience and knowledge of regulation allows us to evaluate the quality of every project we participate in.

Planning and Operations

Snyder Gas’ planning and operations services help our clients reduce their long-run maintenance and replacement costs by strategically planning the use of their infrastructure. These services are essential to maximize the safety and integrity of natural gas distribution systems.

Field Services 

Snyder Gas provides a wide array of field services to our customers. Decades of field experience have enabled us to be a full-service natural gas consulting and contracting company.