Field Services

Snyder Gas Consulting provides a wide array of field services to our customers. Decades of field experience has enabled us to be a full-service natural gas consulting and contracting company.

  • Below is a list of a few of the many field services provided by Snyder Gas Consulting:
  • Replacement of gas meters and service regulators
  • Installation of automated meter readers (AMR) on new and existing meters
  • Relocation of active services to acceptable industry approved locations
  • Replacement of underground fuel lines
  • Installation of earthquake valves
  • Installation of bollards for infrastructure protection
  • Installation of anodes and galvanic protection to mains
  • Installation of insulators for system integrity
  • Underground valve maintenance and inspection
  • Work with automated meter reading (AMR) software to close meter reading gaps
  • Installation of geographical information system (GIS) markers
  • Replacement of service risers
  • Repair corrosion to gas services and prevent future corrosion
  • Recycle medium density polyethylene pipe materials